Pitch to the Wisc Northeast Corridor

Kinnektor 2018 Pitch Event

SUBMIT BELOW: Fast Growth Startup and Small Business Awards

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Fast Growth Startup Applicants
If you are in the early stages of a business start-up, with a business concept that you believe can grow rapidly and scale-up quickly, then this pitch event is for you! The winner of this pitch event will receive the “Kinnektor 2018 Fast Growth Startup Award".

Small Business Applicants
If you have a business idea or started a small business in Wisconsin within the past 3 years, then this pitch event is also for you! The winner of this pitch event will receive the “Kinnektor 2018 Small Business Award”.

Give your startup or small business the exposure it needs to advance and move forward. Showcase your business in front of investors, corporate and startup executives, mentors, coaches, vendors, client connections, talent, other founders and an audience of your peers.

Three Fast Growth Startup finalists and, three Small Business finalists will be selected to present in front of a live audience on October 24th at KinnektorCon 2018, a total of six total finalists will present.

Apply to present on stage in the Kinnektor 2018 Fast Growth Startup and Small Business Awards Pitch Event. Selected candidates will participate in a qualifying process consisting of a live peer review. Then finalists will spend time with highly trained pitch coaches to refine their final presentation.

Eligibility requirements. You must:
* Have a live product/service or be in active beta.
* Have measurable performance indicators such as revenue, customers, successful beta results.
* Have operations anywhere in the State of Wisconsin.
* Your company or a major pivot in your business is less than 3 years old.

We encourage startups in all industries to apply. Categories can be (but not limited to) areas focused on: GovTech, FoodTech, SportsTech, AgTech, AI, IoT, Energy, SaaS/B2B Marketing, AI, Blockchain & IoT, Education, Energy, Resources, CleanTech, Food, Beverage, Farm, Organic, Health & Wellness, Music, Sport or Gaming, Construction, Residential or Commercial, Process Technology, Professional Services, and more.

Companies will be judged on:
* Bold Idea: Does the idea "swing for the fences" and have the potential to disrupt a big industry, affect your community, or even change the world?
* Jobs: Will the idea, if it scales, employ a large number of people?
* Team: Does the team have the skills and leadership to move forward on this idea?
* Execution: Is there strong customer growth or revenue?
* Business Model: Has a revenue model been defined and is it realistic and sustainable?
* Community Impact: were jobs added to the local economy? Does the company give back to the community in a special way?

Companies must submit a completed application no later than 5:00 PM CT October 5, 2018, to be considered. Finalists will be notified by October 12th, 2018.

The startup and business ecosystem in the Northeast corridor is ready to hear your business pitch. There has been no other time in the history of Wisconsin that engagement for innovation and venture investing has been as active as it is today. Get involved and get kinnekted on October 23-24-25.