Work/live lofts

1-2 Bedroom Studios, Startup Culture and Programs, Build your business everyday.

Startup culture

Boot Camps, Programs, Intensives. Build your business everyday.

Corporate assesments

  • Define your engagement objectives
  • Chart your course forward
  • Measure your ROI

Product – I’m a big co. What do i get

Forging a Clear Path to Future Innovation

Community & Residency

Your Employees will gain exposure to the ecosyatem plyers.

Residents Subscriptions for BigCos & Startups in our Innovation Center@The Grind

Education & Exxposure

Access to Funders and thought leders in our “Active Network”.

Programs, Retreats and Boots Camps that provoke innovation.


Engage with enterpreneurs creating collisions around business innovation.

Community Every Day


Actual paid engagements that make a difference in moving your business forward.

Data Jams, Design Sprints, Rapid Development

I’m a Big co. What objectives can i address??

Team Kinnektor

We Kinnect a dynamic network

Aligning the individual strengths of BigCos and Startups to collectively achieve unmet goals, create new opportunities and capitalize on untapped potential





100’s of Dynamic Connections from the Midwest and Domestic Statup Ecosystem

Benefits to wisconsin startups

Resident subscribers that are venture-backable startups, gain access to Funders and Thought Leaders in our “Active Network”. As well as Programs, Retreats, Boots Camps and Pitch Events that provoke innovation.

CoWorking Space

Education & Exposure


Visibility in Our Kinnektor Network Database

Networking Community

Funding Connections